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English-United States: Neurobit Systems: Neurofeedback & Biofeedback equipment Deutsch-÷sterreich: Neurobit Systems: Geršte zum Neurofeedback und Biofeedback Español-España: Neurobit Systems: Equipos para el neurofeedback y biofeedback Português-Portugal: Neurobit Systems: O Equipamento Neurofeedback e Biofeedback  
English-Canada: Neurobit Systems: Biofeedback & Neurofeedback equipment Deutsch-Schweiz: Neurobit Systems: Geršte zum Biofeedback und Neurofeedback Español-Mťxico: Neurobit Systems: Equipos para el neurofeedback y biofeedback polski-Polska: Neurobit Systems: SprzÍt do neurofeedbacku i biofeedbacku  

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Retail terms

Before placing an order please acquaint exactly with the following sales terms. We also propose to print this document.

  1. Placing an order
  2. Order execution
  3. Payment
  4. Shipping
  5. Return policy
  6. Complaints
  7. Privacy policy
  8. Important notes

1. Placing an order

  1. An order can be placed with the web form, an e-mail or by post.

  2. In each case an order should include:

    • name of a buyer,
    • exact billing address (P.O. boxes are not allowed),
    • name, price and quantity of an ordered product,
    • shipping method (from among methods specified below),
    • payment method (from methods listed below),
    • contact phone number,
    • e-mail address
    • exact delivery address, if different from a billing address (P.O. boxes are not allowed).

    Firm should also give company's name and its valid EU VAT number (if company has such a number).

    An order placed by post should include a signature of a buyer.

  3. Prices given on the website in USD are gross prices (with EU VAT included), if not specified otherwise.

  4. Buyers outside European Union do not pay European VAT (Value Added Tax).

2. Order execution

  1. Order execution is started:

    • when wire transfer payment reaches our bank,
    • when payment reaches our PayPal account,
    • after credit card payment confirmation from card authorization service.

  2. We usually ship ordered products within 3 business days. If we can't ship within a week for any reason, we notify a customer immediately.
    To get delivery time please add order execution time to shipping time (given below).

  3. An order can be withdrawn till the moment of shipping.

3. Payment

Available payment methods:

  • Card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover)

  • Online authorization is served by PayPal. Registration is not required. No fees.

  • PayPal account

  • Registered users of PayPal can pay using their account balance and other methods. Registration and payment transfers are free.


  • Bank wire transfer.

  • Payment should reach our bank within 10 days from the order date. It should be taken into account, that international wire transfer usually takes a few days.

4. Shipping



typical delivery time
(business days)

shipping cost





DHL Express or UPS

rest of Europe


59 USD

rest of the world


Online parcel tracking is available. Right after shipping we give parcel number.

A buyer outside European Union is responsible for possible taxes and duties in a destination country.

5. Return policy

  1. According to EU law, a customer may withdraw from a remotely reached agreement without specification of a reason, applying on paper within 14 days from the date of product receipt. In this case, a customer is obliged to return a product in the intact state (especially not used, in an original packaging and with a purchase document) immediately, not later than in 14 days. Paid product price is returned entirely in this case. A buyer is responsible for return delivery cost.

  2. 30 day trial period

  3. To allow a customer to evaluate usefulness of remotely purchased product to his/her needs, we enable the return of a product (used or not) within 30 days from the date of its delivery. The subject of the return is a properly secured device in an original packaging (with the warranty card and a purchase document), as well as software and computer accessories included in the set. We refund paid product price reduced by 15%, posing an equivalent of handling plus the cost of accessories and working materials being subjects to wearing (those accessories and materials should not be shipped back). A buyer is responsible for return delivery cost. The parcel has to fulfill basic sanitary requirements.

  4. The manufacturer reserves the right to refuse the return in case of justified suspicion that a buyer has damaged or improperly used a product.

  5. Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) from our sales is necessary before any return.

6. Compliants

  1. If a parcel is damaged, a recipient should submit the fact to the carrier. All other compliants should be immediately submitted to Support

  2. You can also familiarize with a quality warranty.

7. Privacy policy

Personal data, which you provide by contacting us, are treated as confidential and protected according to legal regulations, especially General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Parliament and the EU Council.
More about our privacy policy...

Personal data entered on our website are secured by SSL protocol.

SSL Certificate

8. Important notes

  1. Our products are not intended for medical purposes.

  2. Persons suffering from epilepsy, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) or schizophrenia should use neurofeedback exclusively under the supervision of a therapist. In case of any doubts please consult your doctor.

  3. The product is intended for use at home and in office. It should not be used in industrial or hospital environment or in means of transportation.

  4. Neurobit Systems company reserves the right to introduce development changes in the product and its firmware & software without previous notification.

  5. These retail terms will be interpreted and enforced in accordance with Polish law.

9. Manufacturer's data

Neurobit Systems
ul. Siega 8/13
81-573 Gdynia
VAT id. PL9570251548
Entry in the Central Register of Economic Activity of the Republic of Poland

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