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English-United States: Neurobit Systems: Neurofeedback & Biofeedback equipment Deutsch-÷sterreich: Neurobit Systems: Geršte zum Neurofeedback und Biofeedback Español-España: Neurobit Systems: Equipos para el neurofeedback y biofeedback Português-Portugal: Neurobit Systems: O Equipamento Neurofeedback e Biofeedback  
English-Canada: Neurobit Systems: Biofeedback & Neurofeedback equipment Deutsch-Schweiz: Neurobit Systems: Geršte zum Biofeedback und Neurofeedback Español-Mťxico: Neurobit Systems: Equipos para el neurofeedback y biofeedback polski-Polska: Neurobit Systems: SprzÍt do neurofeedbacku i biofeedbacku  

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Additional sources on neurofeedback


BioExplorer (CyberEvolution, Inc.)

Popular software for processing of physiological signals, enabling rich audio-visual biofeedback presentations. Data processing is configured graphically by combining universal blocks, allowing to create arbitrary biofeedback protocols. The feedback using video and audio files, DVD movies, audio CDs, MIDI synthesizer and various graphs is available. Many third party biofeedback games and additional, ready to use training protocols are available for BioExplorer. A user can create session reports and export data to a spreadsheet. The application is available in English.
BioExplorer screen

BioEra (Proatech)

Advanced software for processing of bio-signals, enabling also graphical and audio biofeedback presentations. Data processing is designed graphically with basic blocks. Video and audio files, DVD, CD, MIDI, graphs and indicators can be used for biofeedback. BioEra is suitable for advanced computer users. It can be also used for research purposes. The application is available in English.
BioEra screen


Versatile, free biofeedback software, developed within the confines of OpenEEG project. It enables graphic configuration of physiological data processing and presentation of feedback signals with graphs, animations, MIDI synthesizer, video and audio files. The program is available in English.
BrainBay screen

Mind-Body Training Tools (York Biofeedback)

Software package for peak performance training with multimodal biofeedback. Optimal psychophysiological state is achieved with measurement and modification of several biosignals: brainwaves (EEG), Heart Rate Variability (HRV), muscle tension (EMG), breathing, skin temperature and galvanic skin response (GSR). Training videos and in-depth instructions are included in the package.
Mind-Body Training Tools screen

General public resources

Jim Robbins: " A Symphony in the Brain ", Grove Press, 2000

With journalist's passion, the author reconstructs research history in neurofeedback, draws figures of main players in the field and quotes several case stories.
Jim Robbins - Symphony in the Brain

Anna Wise: " The High Performance Mind ", J. P. Tarcher, 1997

Anna Wise explains connections between subjectively felt states of the mind and forms of electrical activity of the brain. She teaches, how you can grow creativity, concentration, and reach the state of deep relaxation, using conscious shaping of brain waves.
Anna Wise - The High Performance Mind

International Society for Neuronal Regulation - public zone

Articles introducing to operation and therapeutic applications of neurofeedback.

Professional literature

John N. Demos: " Getting Started with Neurofeedback ", W. W. Norton & Company, 2004

Comprehensive introduction to neurofeedback for persons interested in application of this method in their practice. It presents scientific basis of the method, case studies, application examples, e.g. in the therapy of attention deficit disorders (ADD), the course of trainings and necessary equipment.
John N. Demos - Getting started with Neurofeedback

J.R.Evans, A.Abarbanel (ed.): " Introduction to Quantitative EEG and Neurofeedback ", Academic Press, 1999

The first collective publication for therapists, introducing to principles, usage and several applications of neurofeedback. It also contains the chapter on peak performance training.
J.R.Evans, A.Abarbanel - Introduction to Quantitative EEG and Neurofeedback

Michael Thompson, Linda Thompson: " The Neurofeedback Book ", W. W. Norton & Company, 2004

The most complete monograph, discussing virtually all aspects of neurofeedback. It is directed to therapists and coaches.
Michael Thompson, Linda Thompson - The Neurofeedback Book

International Society for Neuronal Regulation: " NeuroRegulation "

Scientific journal about neurofeedback and similar methods, with open access.
ISNR - NeuroRegulation

Comprehensive Bibliography of Neurofeedback

Prepared by ISNR, open access.

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